Chairside Microscopes

We understand that you depend on our knowledge, skill and judgment to ensure your healthy and attractive smile. Many dental problems we must evaluate are simply too small to be seen with the naked eye; or even with low-powered or medium-powered magnification devices.

Transforming the quality of your dental care.

With powerful magnification and bright illumination, the operating microscope gives the doctors the ability to see better than ever before. Dentists can only treat what they can see, and using a microscope enables us to, simply stated, "see more." As a result, we're able to identify problems earlier and plan and deliver treatment that is as precise as can be and completely effective and appropriate for your individual needs.

Improving exams, diagnosis & proactive dentistry.

The microscope makes it possible to detect decay and complex dental problems in their earliest stages of development. This allows for earlier, more conservative treatment before problems worsen, leading to better outcomes and potentially less need for future treatment.

Enhancing your results.

Microscope-assisted dentistry also improves outcomes — and outcome predictability — by facilitating precise treatment based on more detailed information. Also, small distances and margins can be seen and addressed with greater accuracy. In short, the microscope allows treatment to be delivered the right way to the right place. It offers more exacting, longer-lasting results for restorative dentistry, cosmetic dental procedures, dental surgery and more.

The experience, training & precision you deserve.

Despite its many benefits, few dentists regularly use a dental microscope as part of their care. But for Dr. Boskovic, the microscope is essential to having complete, quality information and optimal visibility. It's also vital to our shared commitment to and passion for providing detailed, top-quality dental care.