Kodak Digital X-Rays

Kodak Digital radiography takes x-rays of your teeth by using a computer. Digital x-rays not only expose our clients and staff to 90% less radiation then normal film-type x-rays, they are also a lot more sensitive when compared with standard dental x-rays. Digital x-rays allow for us to easily look at the complete tooth and root structure and also surrounding bone and tissue. They give us the opportunity to identify and diagnose issues before they can be apparent to the naked eye, and before they can result in substantial damage and pain.

To obtain an x-ray, a little sensor pad which is attached by a line to a computer, is placed inside the mouth. A ray will then be sent through your teeth towards the sensor that records the images. The doctors and staff can immediately access the digital x-rays on a computer screen to examine the final results. No more waiting for x-rays to develop. We also can easily show the images to you allowing you to see what we are describing with regards to your dental issue.

Then we are able to save your x-rays on our computers and access them faster than ever. In addition, your images could be sent digitally to insurance carriers, dramatically reducing processing time and leading to faster treatment.